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The next entry in the DraftKings Primetime NFT Series has arrived.
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As the golf world turns its attention to Augusta National, DraftKings is getting in on the action. The company has announced the second edition of the DraftKings Primetime NFT series, which will focus on the biggest moments in sports throughout the year.
DraftKings will be dropping NFTs and holding Auctions for the 2022 Augusta, GA Golf Collection from April 6 to April 8. These collectibles will be called “GolfGuys”. See the full drop schedule below:
This collection also has a rewards system. Each collectible comes with an individual reward, and those who complete the collection will receive an exclusive NFT and preferred access to the next drop in the DraftKings Primetime NFT Series.
Find the full rewards system breakdown in the table below:
Following the conclusion of the tournament, those who are holding all six collectibles on April 11 at 11 a.m. ET will receive the seventh special GolfGuys NFT.
As mentioned earlier, DraftKings will also host multiple Auctions for this collection. See the full schedule for those below:
All holders of the Reward TourneyToons: Kings of the Tourney NFT will be eligible for preferred early access along with a 20% discount. See the full Early Access breakdown here:
Are there any requirements to participate?
There are two ways to participate in this drop:
2. Each GolfGuys drop will then be open to the general public regardless of which NFTs a user currently holds.
When will stated rewards be distributed?
Rewards will be distributed in the hours following the listed “Collect By Date” for each reward seen in the table above.
Can I receive multiple rewards for owning multiple sets of NFTs?
Yes. Users who own multiple versions of the “NFTs Collected” will be eligible to receive multiple rewards. As an example, if a user owns two “Common GolfGuys: Perfect Drive” NFTs on 4/6 at 4PM ET, they will receive two $15 DFS Millionaire Tickets. However, each private DFS contest will be restricted to one entry per user regardless of total NFTs owned.
If I miss a reward can I still receive a subsequent reward?
Yes. As long as you hold all of the “NFTs Collected” by the associated “Collect by Date,” you will be eligible to receive that stated reward.
Are there any additional rewards for collecting other than what’s listed above?
Be sure to check your email throughout the tournament for any surprise benefits to holders!
How does a fiat auction work on DraftKings?
2. Rather than having a set end time, a candle auction has a window of time in which it could end (e.g. between 3:00PM ET and 3:15PM ET on 4/8/22).
3. DraftKings utilizes a random time generator to determine the specific time within the end time window that the auction actually ends. This helps to ensure integrity of auctions.
4. The undisclosed end time is used to limit sniping and ensure fairness for auction participants.
Are there any requirements to participate in each auction?
No. Auctions will be open to the general public regardless of which NFTs a user currently holds.
What is the utility associated with each 1-to-1 collectible?
1. A loyalty status boost (to gold, or one level above their current status, whichever is higher) for a 3-month period. Eligible time periods may stack for users who win multiple auctions (e.g. 6-month period if a user wins two separate auctions). See Dynasty Rewards for more information on our Loyalty program.
2. Merchandise – One (1) DraftKings golf swag pack
3. An exclusive GolfGuys reward NFT, only available to auction winners or customers holding all 6 GolfGuys NFT collectibles, allowing holders preferred access to our next collection in the DraftKings Primetime NFT Series.
4. Live Golf Experience
a. For “Perfect Drive” and “Born to Read” editions: One (1) round of golf at a TPC Course for two (2) people, including greens fees and cart fees. Course location and timing subject to availability at time of redemption.
b. For “A Winning Tradition” edition: Attend Tiger Jam in Las Vegas, (4/28/22 – 5/1/22) inclusive of three nights at the MGM Grand, tickets to a charity event, concert, and post-party, Q&A with Tiger, and two (2) rounds of golf at Shadow Creek for one person.
When will the rewards be distributed to auction winners?
1. Dynasty Rewards status boost will be awarded on 4/11/ 2022.
2. Auction winners should expect their merchandise to ship within 8-12 weeks of auction end.
3. The GolfGuys Reward NFT will be air dropped on 4/11/2022.
4. A CX representative will reach out to auction winners to coordinate live golf experiences
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