14 April 2022 12:21 PM GMT
Peridot AR Game (Image credit: Niantic)
Niantic, the makers of the popular augmented reality mobile game Pokémon Go has announced their next AR game called Peridot where players will be able to explore, raise, breed and care for virtual pets. Niantic has confirmed that Peridot is currently under development and will enter the soft launch testing phase in select markets soon.
“If pets are a part of your life, you already know the joy that they can bring. The simple act of caring for an animal and watching them grow is immensely rewarding, especially when you’ve forged a real bond with your pet,” Niantic said in the announcement post.

Peridot is going to be a real world AR mobile game just like Pokémon Go but instead of finding Pokémon, players will find Peridots or Dots for short. Niantic claims these Dots have woken up after thousands of years of slumber and are now walking on a vastly different world compared to what they are used to.

Niantic says players will need to protect Peridots from expiring by adopting and fostering them. “These are creatures who feel so real, you’ll love every moment raising them from birth to adulthood,” Niantic said. Peridot players will be able to work with other players to diversify their species while exploring the world to find new and exotic Dots.
Niantic claims players can feed and take adventure walks with their Peridots, uncover special hidden items on the AR based world map, own unique Dots with special character traits and breed new generations of Dots and much more. Throughout the soft launch period, Niantic says it aims to test and develop the gameplay experience based on the player feedback from the beta testers.
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