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The Nissan & IBM Outsourcing Agreement

Introduction In the year, prior to the turn of the millennium, Nissan was a company in a serious financial crisis. Debt had approached $22 billion by 1999. The company had been too complacent, and had taken its prior success, for granted [2]. Did Nissan’s decision to outsource their IT Infrastructure to IBM in 1999 make…

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IT Outsourcing, Philippines – Helping Companies Cut Costs And Enhance Productivity

In the old times, most businesses used to conduct all their major functions through an in-house department or service provider. However, with the recession hurting the pockets of many corporations and medium-sized firms, many have begun transferring some of their “non-core” functions to third-party providers. Today, the concept of outsourcing has spread like wildfire among…

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Outsourcing Lead Generation Services for Better Results

Market researches show that companies implementing outsourced B2B lead generation plans have greater chances of capturing quality leads than those using in-house services. Using outsourced lead generation services means entrusting a vendor company with the responsibility of delivering quality leads that actually convert into lucrative sales. So naturally this means that outsourcing is results in…

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Definition of Outsourcing

Outsourcing is becoming a common development among specific industries and services. Outsourcing can be defined as subcontracting a service to a third party company to provide a service that could otherwise be performed by in-house workers. Simply put, outsourcing refers to a transfer of a business function or a service to an external, third party…

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