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Offshore Outsourcing – A New Look

An offshore outsourcing call center is an extremely economical solution for companies in developed nations. Companies can outsource certain tasks such as lead generation, customer service, help desk support and advice to reputable call center outsourcing providers. Offshore outsourcing firms can effectively handle both inbound and outbound calls for parent companies. A couple of years…

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Outsourcing Offshore Alternatives

The challenges of maintaining a successful business get more difficult as time goes by. With the current economic instability and continuous changes on marketing trends, entrepreneurs must keep up with the pace. One trend that stands out recently in the online industry is offshore outsourcing. This has been an alternative for most local businesses out…

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Medical Transcription Outsourcing – Need for Secure Services

Medical transcription is the process of documenting the patient-healthcare professional encounter in detail. Patient records are an important component of healthcare. Patient records play an important role in the following: Record of symptoms, diagnoses and treatment Record of pre-existing health conditions Record of Allergies and current medication Progress of treatment Basis for referrals Statutory requirement…

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Governance Frameworks in IT Outsourcing

Focus Areas In IT Governance Strategic alignment and strategic governance are keys to ensuring the enterprise is fully exploiting opportunities and managing risks in an evolving market. According to the IT Governance Institute, there are five areas of focus: Strategic Alignment Linking business and IT so they work well together. Typically, the lightning rod is…

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Medical Transcription Outsourcing – Helps Improve Cash Flow

Medical transcription plays an important role in the healthcare process by transforming dictated audio files into patient records that provide complete healthcare documentation. Patient records are an amazing resource for healthcare professionals to draw information from, for various purposes. Patient records are basically the chronicle of events of the patient’s medical history, including the demographics,…

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Medical Transcription Outsourcing – Providing Value Added Services

Medical transcription is the process of creating patient medical records of the patient- healthcare professional encounter, converting audio to text. These services have always provided valuable support to healthcare in both the operational and commercial aspects. However as the process of creating patient medical records is a specialized service requiring healthcare facilities to source the…

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