October 7, 2022

Top 2009 Personal Virtual Assistant Outsourcing Tasks

The World Wide Web is not just about fun, movies, music and entertainment. It is also a medium where commercial transactions and interactions take place without any physical, national or geographical restrictions. Among these interactions, there are certain popular outsourcing tasks that take place there regularly in the business arena.

In order to free up time and make the most of other people’s skills, many people round the world hire or outsource many of their tasks and workload to personal or virtual assistants. Among the top tasks reported in 2009 by Moving Ahead Communications and the Ohio Help Group, two outsource companies based in Central Ohio, USA, that team up for project work worldwide, are:

o Creating content for personal and company websites

o Creating press releases to ensure there is buzz

o Submitting articles and press releases to various directories and other channels

o Creating classified ads and setting up blogs

The idea behind appointing a virtual assistant is generally to delegate these tasks aimed at bringing more people to websites, converting the visitors into customers.

More popular tasks for which virtual assistants are appointed are described below:

a. Creating private label rights (PLR) articles, reports, ebooks, blog posts and other content that can be used for all types of promotions, online and off.

b. Marketing the content prepared for clients by tapping into blog networks, article directories, press release sites, and other places.

c. Preparing online classified ads to ensure maximum visibility.

d. Setting up an informative and content rich blog and ensuring constant addition of information that clients, current as well as prospective, and other website visitors can use.

e. Moving from the virtual world to the real world by printing books and other content for traditional print media services.

f. Participating in social networking activities aimed at different target audiences and providing a variety of services to publicize virtual ventures, helping ensures that blogs, articles and other web content get maximum exposure.

g. Running auctions at websites like eBay.

h. Constantly upgrading and refining web content to ensure websites don’t become obsolete.

i. Making use of services like Yahoo Answers and Craiglist to spread the word with special emphasis being given on ensuring total compliance with the rules and regulations of the sites.

j. Performing assorted secretarial and administrative tasks like list building, appointment setting, invoicing, working help desks and receiving orders.

k.Revising traditional marketing material and bringing it up to date new virtual ventures.

These and other tasks help enhance the value and visibility of businesses of all sizes when virtual assistants are well chosen and put to use. And this touches on two important points in itself.

Two Sides to Task Work

Too many tasks can distract business owners / operators from the actual process of running of the business. In a nutshell, virtual assistants need to be hired, good ones. But many are not up to the mark or are not hired on to help.

In short, too many entrepreneurs try to do it all, often losing valuable productive hours going through each and every chore themselves, or fixing mistakes and errors committed by unskilled assistants offering mediocre service. These issues need addressed.

Never compromise on quality service. Train your workers, guiding assistants through rough spots, and grow together. And don’t let tasks take over your business, your life, your desktop. Hire helpers and put them to work!

Source by Jenny M White